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Germanys Offices

An e-book in German language


The construction of office and administration buildings is one of the most challenging and varied architectural tasks of our time. Both companies themselves and the authorities have long since recognized how important the working environment is in terms of efficiency, health and even the creativity of the employees. The right office environment encourages communication and creates not only a motivating work, but also living environment.

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This volume comprises more than 1,000 pages and includes over 200 German office buildings and interior design projects built since the turn of the century. Featuring a wealth of detailed texts, images and over 600 plans, this is not only a review of almost two decades of office architecture, it is also an indispensable reference work for the future. In addition to large companies, numerous smaller new constructions and renovations have also been included that are just as important. This book also focuses on ecologically innovative constructions, such as designs that make sophisticated use of new lighting technologies or air conditioning, as well as taking an in-depth look at the organization of operational procedures and the atmosphere created by clever interior designs, or how the exterior references the corporate identity of the company.

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