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Rendezvous with Rosa


Homeopathic personality profiles in dance photography

The new dance photography book on the subject of homeopathy. In “Rendezvous with Rosa” 17 different homeopathic remedies unfold their magic in a presentation of 150 photographs and stylistically diverse essays. Wonderful professional dancers and gifted child dancers represent the homeopathic remedies, their relation to others and their characteristic approach to relationships, using unique choreographic interpretations. As was also the case in the previous volume “Sepia tanzt allein”, this work incorporates a variety of aspects of dance and cultural history, so that every reader will find their own personal rendezvous.

“Seldom, art and science have met so graciously as in this breathtaking masterpiece of homeopathic horizons!” — Frederik Schroyens

Andrea Simon

Andrea Simon is a choreographer, director and author. She studied classical and modern dance techniques in Franfurt am Main. In 1990 she founded Tanzplan®, which has received several international awards.

Andreas J. Etter

Andreas J. Etter was born in Switzerland. With his label hüben und drüben, he is involved in many stage productions in German-speaking countries as a dance a theater photographer. His work focuses on portrait photographs.

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